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Corporate Photography Middle East is a division of Michael Kruger Photography. 

Over the years, Michael Kruger has had a wide variety and a demand for various aspects of corporate photography. This type of photography is stigmatised by the boring shot of a CEO  sitting behind a desk, looking very serious to add, so we prefer the more creative approach. We put corporates in cool locations if at all possible and keep things fresh and exciting. Yes, there is still a call for a white background head shot or a desk shot, but we aim to stay creative. 

There are also many branches to the corporate photography tree which we take part in. These include not just head shots, but also corporate events, big and small and also lifestyle shots. Many companies try to steer clear of stock images and shoot there own library of lifestyle shots that are bespoke to their needs. We believe we are the perfect partner in achieving these goals. 

We also shoot office and retail interiors. Many corporates invest a lot of their budget in creating unique and amazing work spaces and we love to capture them for our clients, so that they can brag about it on their websites and social media. 

For some of our corporate clients, those who have e-commerce sites and products they sell, we can also do your product photography. To top it all, we also produce all kinds of videos for our clients too, ranging from full campaigns to smaller social media content videos. In short, we are your one stop solution to all perspectives of corporate visuals, from stills to video production.

So if you just want to have a chat, or learn more in-depth how we can help you achieve your visual goals for your company, get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

Michael Kruger - [Founder of Corporate Photography ME]

To get in touch please either use email address michael@michaelkrugerphotography.com or use the contact form below. Alternatively you can also call him in the UAE on +971 50 1131125.